BUDOSHINKAI INTERNATIONAL is a community that supports the development of martial arts in its complete form. It is a voluntary and non-profit association with legal entity.

BUDOSHINKAI INTERNATIONAL is a community of people who study energetic martial arts. Among activities of our members are organizing professional seminars with local and foreign experts, organization of training for teachers and assistants, as well as publishing and promotional activities.

BUDOSHINKAI INTERNATIONAL produces high-quality background for the growth of students and instructors, especially through qualified experts invited to joint meetings.

BUDOSHINKAI INTERNATIONAL also directs its activities beyond martial arts, by supporting studies of traditional Asian arts such as astrology or the art of calligraphy. Among spiritual movements are meditation and esoteric.

BUDOSHINKAI INTERNATIONAL promotes a healthy lifestyle and therefore you can also meet seminar focusing on massage, healing, or prevention of disease, or diagnosis.

BUDOSHINKAI INTERNATIONAL helps people in their efforts to understand the true path of the warrior. Trying to understand the life and be able to find deep spiritual value.

BUDOSHINKAI INTERNATIONAL since its establishment carries out activities of an international character. Members of BUDOSHINKAI INTERNATIONAL have favorable discount on all events. Events are open to all serious applicants from the general public and other communities of martial arts. BUDOSHINKAI INTERNATIONAL was founded September 9, 1999 in the Czech Republic.